Fall in love with Hangzhou!!

  “Hangzhou, a city known as a paradise on earth.” It is located in the southeastern coastal city of the China. Hangzhou is a city that combines the glorious history with modernity. In here you […]

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Welcome to Fujian, Xiamen!

Xiamen is a city in Fujian with heavy traditional culture, local dishes, and many unique features with scenic spots. This is an intro video of Xiamen from Happy Trip! ENJOY! This video mainly shows us the […]

Picture of Park Güell

Hola, the absolute gem – Barcelona!

Swing by the St Joseph market to buy fresh fruits and local produce, view stunning architectures designed by Gaudí and be amazed, or even just feast on paella. Barcelona is the city which will definitely […]

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Bergen:Charming and Historical

Bergen is known for its beautiful fjords. Geirangerfjorden is in the north of Bergen. The majestic beauty of the waterfall and mountains make people hard to forget. There are a number of different kinds of […]

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Welcome to Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the political, economic and cultural center of Japan. The impression of Tokyo is a stylish and modern city, with the most cutting-edge architectural designs such as Tokyo Skytree […]