Sexist Memo Lands Google Engineer In a Corporate Mess

Google employee and engineeer, James Damore, has been fired due to insensitive comments regarding the companies active diversity ideologies. On August 7th, Damore released a 10-page viral memo expressing his complaints against Googles policies and found himself in a messy court case with the growingly powerful corporation as well as the Bay Areas liberal community.

Photograph of James Damore, Previous Google Engineer.
While Damore’s name has not yet been released, Business Insider has confirmed him as the culprit of the allegation.

Damore’s complaints have been marked as “coercive”, involving threats and promises of benefits. His dismissive opinions argue that the biological differences between men and women are the cause of the gender gap at Google and in the broader tech industry, failing to recognise his generalisations as potentially offensive and harmful.

Google fired Damore on Monday, the same day as he filed the lawsuit, on the terms of Damore violating the company’s code of conduct in perpetuating gender stereotypes. He made claims to the New York Times reporting that Google has been “misrepresenting and shaming” him, expressing his rights to communicate his professional concerns in a working environment and to bring up potentially illegal behaviour to officials.

Legal experts suggest that Damore might have a foot to stand on if his lawyer argues that the memo was in fact protected under California laws on the basis of unequal treatment of employees in the workplace, particularly when it comes to the countries most significant tech giant.

More information on the case.

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