5 essentials you need to know about when starting Uni

Starting uni can be a scary time, so here are some essentials you need to know to get yourself prepared~!

  1. The library is your best friend

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  2. Getting involved in societies and clubs is important

    Image retrieved from: https://www.sydney.edu.au/study/why-choose-sydney/student-life/student-news/2018/07/25/how-parents-can-make-the-most-of-open-day.html


  3. Make time for fun

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  4. Tutors are there for you

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  5. Time management is important

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we couldn’t just stop at 5, so here are some additional things we think you should know: 

  • Exams can be much more difficult
  • Finding friends is more important than finding a significant other
  • You’ll meet people from different social and cultural backgrounds, so staying respectful and open-minded is important

    Written by Jayden Da Silva, Natasha Julinar & Shirley Chen