Five things you need to know before starting university

University can be confusing and struggle after six years of high school. Here’s are 5 things you need to know before starting university! May the force be with you!

1. Remember your student ID:

your student ID is really important and you need to take care of it. Your student ID card is basically your ID pass at campus, you can use it to access many services and facilities which are only provided to students, so keep an eye on it.

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2. Time management skill:

Time management skill is an essential skill especially for college study life. Schools are more focused on the study, while in college it’s time to also mingle with the local communities, join clubs or societies, or do a part-time job. Uni has allowed more flexibility on your schedule, so it would be beneficial if you manage your schedule so you won’t have been overwhelmed.

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3. Go through your course outline in detail:

Take the time to look at the unit outline and syllabi, which have muchinformation about the course learning objectives. Knowing the location of the classroom building in advance is also imperative to save the time of commuting.

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4. Join more clubs and societies:

Being active and evolving at university is important in order to have a good uni experience. Joining more clubs and societies will let you know more people and make friends with like-minded people! It’s also a great opportunity for you to expand your connections and exposure!

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5. Learn to regulate stress:

In several key mindfulness meditation exercises, learning ways of managing stress and feeling at peace with yourself. 

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