5 things you need to know to get through university

5 things you need to know to get through university

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Zhicheng Xu, Irene Ding, Amy Xiao and Jitong WU

Need to prepare your future career.

Most students don’t know this. This is why they waste so much time doing things that are inefficient and sometimes even destructive. So, think about our future career in advance. Some students’ career has already started. they need to prepare it.

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School Environment

A good school environment allows students to have a better environment and conditions for learning.

Explore campus environment such as a place to study or to relax. This will help you a lot to enjoy uni life.

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Clubs in Uni

Join a club in uni can make you have more friends and can learn more things out of your major in Uni.

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Ways to make friends at the university

Friends in Uni can make you feel not alone.

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Time management

Having a good time management can make your Uni life easier.

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