5 things you need to know to get through university

What we wish we knew before...

Chunxi Gong, Marie Arai, Eliza Fessey, and Chantelle

University can come as a strange and unexpected shock after six years of high school.

As seasoned veterans of university life – in all its weird and wonderful glory – we’ve put together a list of things we wish we knew before we walked onto campus for the very first time all those years ago….


1. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute

It’s tempting to leave those 2000 word essays sitting in Canvas until the two days before. There’s just too much socialising and other fun things to be doing at university rather than sit at your desk and study! However, it’s really a good idea to start your assignments as soon as you can – because pulling an all nighter in the University library to get an essay in is just truly a horrible experience.


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2. Join a society

Join societies and get involved in University life. It is an easy and valuable way to make friends and develop your network!


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3. Go to those networking events

Attend networking events hosted by your faculty society. This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and improve your communication skills! It will give you the chance to clarify professional queries you have and expand your network of connections!


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4. Time management is the best skill you’ll ever learn

With work, friends, classes and assignments, university life is pretty hectic. Learning to manage your time will really help you avoid stress and keep some balance in your life – so start making those lists and calendars now!


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5. It’s the little things that count

Don’t dismiss those pesky little 10% assignments in your courses – that tutorial attendance mark or that simple journal entry can make or break your performance in a subject. It’s an easy way to keep your WAM high – trust us.


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