5 things we wish we would’ve known before University

Here are 5 things we wish we would’ve known before University for all the incoming uni students:

1. Strengthen your public speaking skills and learn how to interact in a group setting.

(Person speaking in front of a public crowd, Matej Kastelic)

2. Learn to make friends and form a tight knit community before university life gets hectic and priorities come into play.

(Group of four friends having fun, Goodencenter Org)

3. Be prepared for your assignments by understanding how to research, write & reference effectively.

(Closeup of “academic research and writing”, Namaster Center for Spiritual Living)

4. Managing finances and time is an important skill to have as you transition into adulthood.

(Person managing finances, financialexpress)

5. Be familiar with your campus as it has many locations for different classes.

(Lost student on campus, Dreamstime)
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