Starting University Guide

WEEK 5 activity

5 things we wish we knew when beginning University: 

Dom Galetto, Finn McDonagh, Claira Xu


1. Managing our time effectively, timetabling and study tips

cartoon image of man and clock – DentistryIQ (2014)


2. Subjects guides, and an ultimate insight into picking units


Grade Boundaries ( – USYD



3. Ways to get to know others, integrating places and meet-up ideas

Getting to Know Each Other by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC – Cindy Stradling( Cindy Stradling, CPC)

4.  A greater guide to where buildings are located on campus


University of Sydney Map - University of Sydney Sydney Australia • mappery

(USYD campus map)

5. How to join societies and sporting groups

(USU logo – (source:

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