5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Uni

Contributors: Group 4 - Christina Li, Yue Zhuang, Zoe Wu, Amy Do

Image: University by barnyz CC Attribution 2.0.

1. Plan your degree ahead of time

Think about the units of study you need to take in order to finish your degree on time with the right credit points.

Girl studying
Image: Girl studying, by Treehugger CC Attribution 2.0.

2. Prep your own meals

Sometimes uni food isn’t that great (and it can be expensive), so learn how to prep some healthy, cost-effective meals to get you through your classes.

People eating food
Image: People eating food, by Alamy. All Rights Reserved.

3. Make friends, talk to people

Join a student society, participate in extra-curricular activities, chat to the people in your class – get to know the people around you as they’ll become the best support.

Students in the Quadrangle, the University of Sydney
Image: Students in the Quadrangle, the University of Sydney by Sydney Uni CC Attribution 2.0.

4. Plan your accommodation

If you’re an international student, or a local student planning to move out, research the best areas to live in that are conveniently located near uni.

Student Accommodation
Image: Student Accommodation, by Nottingham Trent University CC Attribution 2.0.

5. Improve your reading skills

Some tutorials will require you to do a lot of readings, so focus on honing your reading skills.

Girl Reading a Book
Image: Girl Reading a Book, by be creator CC Attribution 2.0.
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