5 things you should know before starting University!

1. It’s okay to be nervous but remember everyone else is in the same boat as you – introduce yourself to other students and it will ease your nerves. Joining societies and extracurricular groups is also a great way to make new friends outside of class.


2. Make sure to pick subjects you enjoy! You will soon discover that university requires you to have long study hours and intense reading. Studying something you like will help you enjoy studying more than you would with the ones you don’t like.

Image: Law Library at The University of Sydney licensed by Wikimedia Commons

3. Time management is key! When there’s so many distractions on the internet, it can sometimes feel that valuable time is against you. Writing up an assessment calendar is helpful to keep you on track and well aware of deadlines. On the same note, make sure to start your assessments as early as you can – even if to begin with, dedicating 10-20 minutes a day.

Image: Desk organisation by perzonseowebbyra is licensed under CC BY 2.0

4. Take study breaks to work on your own hobbies and practice self care – your mental and physical health should be a priority!

Image: Girl stretching by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

5. Knowing the structure of university is important to ensure that students don’t make mistakes in choosing their subjects because it might cause you to have a late graduation. Always ask your tutor or course co-ordinators if you have any worries or questions – they’ll be willing to help.



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