A Seoul Must-Visit: Dongho Bridge

Image retrieved from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dongho_Bridge

Now I know what you’re thinking. Out of all of the amazing places in Seoul and South Korea, why is a bridge the place you’ve chosen to highlight? To illustrate, I want you to think about freedom. Freedom is experienced in so many different ways. Maybe you’ve just gotten out of a toxic relationship? Maybe it’s that feeling of getting out of a job you hated? or maybe even the feeling you get after your last class before mid-semester break? This, multiplied by 10, is the feeling you get when walking across Dongho Bridge. With the gentle winds, the sounds of the river, the trains, and cars passing you by, the amazing view of the Seoul cityscape, this bridge will make you feel freer than you’ve been before. If you’re ever in Seoul, make sure you take a nice stroll across the bridge and enjoy the moment!