Finding hotspot for Holiday vacation? Choose Boracay Island!

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Boracay Island is a small island where belongs to the Philippines, it is only 10.32 square centimeters with 10.2 thousand population. It is a nice place for a holiday vacation because it is a small and adorable island located on the sea where is far from the cities.

One best thing in Boracay Island is the White Beach.

The White beach is the most popular and biggest beach in Boracay Island. There are many hotels and resort beside the beach areas which make easier for tourist to enjoy the beach. Many activities are holding on the beach by many local residents, such as surfing, sailboat, banana boat, and so on. Various kinds of restaurant, pubs, even the nightclubs are opened alongside the beach,  I could say that visitors could spend the whole vacation time only on the white beach area, and it would be enjoyable enough.




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