“GUANG ZHOU” ? Paradise of food

There is old saying in china :” East and West, Guangzhou food is the best”.

Guangzhou as one of the most populous  metropolitan city in the china, is famous for its annual canton fair , and also for, especially,  unique, yummy, and exquisite food. When I travelled to Guangzhou, I was shocked by its breakfast. The local people called it “dim sum” , There are hundreds of categories, such as”  Shrimp Dumpling”, “Egg Custard Tart”,”Steamed Spareribs” etc, and serves with small plate. Because it’s designed for small portions, people can eat a wide variety of foods in the morning.


Photo:longtengyidu from pixabay.


Following video by the The Food Ranger will offer you a digital experience of some type of dim sums in Guangzhou.