Labuan Bajo: Hidden Paradise of East Indonesia

Pink Beach in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia
Pink Beach

Imagine the sea breeze brushing your hair, the smell of freshly-cut coconut and the sound of thousands of bat fleeting in the wild. Eastern Indonesia is a natural utopia, filled with unique species whether it is underwater or on land and friendly locals that would altogether make you fall in love with this paradise.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, has thousands of hidden wonders – one being the beauty of Labuan Bajo, located in Western Flores of East Indonesia. It is often known for the Komodo Island, home for thousands of wild Komodo dragons living in the National Park. The best way to experience Labuan Bajo and its surrounding islands are to live onboard a ship for a couple of nights.


Photo by Sidney Savira P

In 2018, My family and I went on a trip to witness the magnificent views of East Indonesia. We stayed on a ship for a couple of nights, went snorkelling every day in different areas, went island-hopping to Pulau Padar and several other islands while watching the sunset peacefully. It is definitely a trip of a lifetime, being able to learn and experience so much through immersing ourselves into the natives’ culture and being completely disconnected to the world as there were no cellular signals during our stay on the ship.


This is the video that we made about our trip! We hope that everyone gets the chance to witness such heaven on earth 🙂



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