Looking for your next destination once the borders open? We have the perfect place

Wondering where to head after the borders open? Your first stop should be Malta and heres why

Malta is the perfect European destination if you want a mix of city, sun and fun. Although Malta is a small country with small islands it has a large history behind it that is full of rich architecture that transports you to an older time.


You can tread the cobble stones street of Mdina and be sure to take the time to marvel in the sandstone architecture of all the buildings and once you have finished exploring the city be sure to pick up a few souvenirs of glassware as Mdina is known for its beautiful glass craftsmanship. Mdina whilst it is known as the silent city like Malta Uncovered discusses it is a city that speaks volumes about the beautiful nature of Malta.



Leah Chegwyn, Mdina, Malta, 2019 


Leah Chegwyn, Mdina, Malta, 2019




Once you have finished treading the cobble stone street of Malta be sure to set sail in the crystal blue water and take a break from the heat of the Malta sun. Be sure to check out the blue lagoon whose water is such a clear blue that skin under the water has the ability to turn those swimming in it to an equally brilliant blue.


Leah Chegwyn, Malta, 2019


But in the mean time whilst borders remain shut here is a preview of what waits for you in the wonderful city of Malta, as Do you even tourist? Has provided you a sneak preview of her own adventures here

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