the country of sakura – Japan

sakura is a famous flower which goes throughout the whole history of Japan, that year when I was 9 years old, I was lucky enough to see the most beautiful sakura rain.

The graceful dance, the dancing skirt, and the white figure like clouds are all intoxicating. At that time, I was young and didn’t know how to appreciate this beauty. I just kept yelling: “Petals, petal rain, beautiful petal rain!” The shock of that time is still fresh in my memory. I ran in the sakura rain, smiling and jumping, so happy.

The next day, I came to the beautiful sakura forest again. The cherry blossom petals today seem to be different from yesterday. A cluster of faint pink was reflected in the white figure, like a shy girl. The sakura grew up overnight, and I love them even more. That night, I had a dream about sakura, a sweet dream.

Now, it’s the day when the sakura are in full bloom, but when will I see the beautiful sakura? When will the beautiful sakura rain of childhood!

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