The Ellora Caves – UNESCO World Heritage Site

More than just ‘caves’, these overpowering rock formations feature Hindu, Buddhist and Jain monuments dating back to 2nd century BC. These handcrafted caves are a must see when visiting India and reveal the complexities of religious art.

This video details the building of each cave and the religious meanings that encompass the caves.

Each cave features a plaque with enough information to gain a better understanding of each cave. Therefore the caves can explored on your own without a guide.

Upon visiting the site in January 2020, I found the caves to be exciting and overwhelming. As a tourist, the security was ample, and has improved following the sexual harassment of tourists by Indian men during 2013. As long as you can handle feeling like a celebrity with everyone wanting pictures of you/with you, the Ellora Caves are undoubtedly worth it.


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