The Whitsunday’s: Australia’s Neverland

Zoom fatigue, travel blues and sweatpants got you down? Here's somewhere on our doorstep you can escape to!

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It would be ridiculous to write an article on travel in this new COVID-era without some form of nostalgia or existential dread. So instead of writing about some European wonderland that is unattainable in 2020, I think we should look to discovering the wonders of our country.

Border restrictions permitting the Whitsunday Islands is a must on your Australian discovery travels. The natural beauty of this place is astounding, the water is crystal clear and the scenery feels like you’re on Peter Pan’s Neverland.

I crossed off so many firsts on my trip to the Whitsundays and it was invigorating! I went snorkelling, stand up paddleboarding, jet skiing – all of which were amazing experiences. The hiking trails and hidden beaches are also a sight to behold and the walks to them make them all the more rewarding.

Take a peek at the gorgeous views of the famous Whitehaven Beach in this video, these are the types of places you’d expect to be going if you went on a sailing trip around the islands. Paired with this ambiant track how could you resist booking a trip?

Scenic video of the Whitsunday Islands by Sailing Whitsundays. (

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