Welcome to Fujian, Xiamen!

Xiamen is a city in Fujian with heavy traditional culture, local dishes, and many unique features with scenic spots.

This is an intro video of Xiamen from Happy Trip! ENJOY!

This video mainly shows us the lifestyle, street food, and scenic spots of Xiamen. Enjoy!

This is a map from Google to point out the location of Fujian, Xiamen!

1.Xiamen University

It is one of the most beautiful Universities in China, with 100 years of history. The most outstanding buildings are QunXian building which includes the memorial hall of LuXun, the highest FuRong building on the campus that allows tourists to enjoy the whole view.

(from mnw.cn)

2.Mao Jie (A street name) at Sha Po Wei

This street is full of creativity and inspiration from the youngsters, maybe because it is near Xiamen University. Tourists love to take pictures here and enjoy the food here.(from zhuose, Xiao Hong Shu)

3.Island Ring Boulevard (It’s call厦门环岛路)

It is a city thoroughfare of making a loop around Xiamen Island, with 43 kilometers. You can enjoy the sea view while cycling with loved ones or go for a stroll.( from 3dly.com)

I strongly encourage travelers to visit these places to enjoy the beautiful view and interesting places. These are my favorite places to visit of all times.