You must travel to Africa!!

Travelling to the Greatest Place in the World

The Exquisite Africa


Africa is the most beautiful continent, that I have had the privilege of visiting. South African Safari’s allow you to enjoy the nature and immerse yourself amongst the wild African animals, Cheetahs, Elephants, Hyenas, Lions, Hippos and other wildlife. Swim with the dolphins at a research centre in Mozambique, in the open water, amongst whale sharks and other sea creatures. Sail along the Nile River, sightseeing the huge hippos. Visit Victoria falls and see the gushing water. Hang with the local African children and get your hair braided. Leave a kind gesture of old clothes or goods for the poverty stricken workers. Sleep in a tented camp amongst the wildlife. Ride on the back of a local’s ute, to take you into town. Live like the locals and be amongst the serenity. Visit the Marrakech Market square and hold a python! Stay in a hidden hotel in the square in Morocco amongst the community. Africa’s culture and people make this place truly special. Book your trip, and don’t forget to go to Kruger National park for a safari, and Morocco for its beautiful landscape!



‘Kruger National Park’ video by Sacha Ristic, an avid travel blogger. This video demonstrates the beautiful landscape Kruger National Park, videoing all the nature and wildlife that one can experience when travelling here. This video is from a tourist’s perspective, showcasing the true experience of a traveller!


“Africa Safari” by ntrung is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0






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