You need to visit Tokyo!!!!!

Are you looking for a destination?? Tokyo would be the best one for you!!!

Shibuya in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the modern cities in the world with good food, cool people from around the world, and many more!

First, Here is the video From Expedia below… Check it out now!  (

After watching the video, you already know that Tokyo is such a full of joy.

I will introduce “Tokyo Sky Tree” specifically.


“Tokyo Sky Tree” by Walker is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world with a height of 634m certified by Guinness World Records. You can overlook the Kanto region from the Tembo Deck, which is 350 meters above the ground, and on sunny days you can see Mt. Fuji farther away. From the Tenbo Corridor 450m above the ground, you can enjoy a vast view overlooking the entire Kanto area.
At night, you can enjoy special lighting as well as beautifully lit in pale blue “Iki”, Edo purple “Ya”, and Tachibana-based “Nobori”.

This is the official website you can find out more about “Tokyo Sky Tree”

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. photo by @psan5630 スマホ越しに見える 「TOGETHER WE CAN ALL WIN」の文字。 思いはみんな一つです🌍 素敵なお写真をありがとうございます✨ 4/5(日)まで、新型コロナウイルス感染症に 「世界が一丸となって立ち向かい、みんなで打ち勝とう!」 という思いを込めて、 地球をイメージした青色の特別ライティング、 そしてレーザーマッピングによるメッセージを投影しています🌍 #togetherwecanallwin ・・・・・・・・・・ @tokyoskytree_official をタグ付け、もしくは #tokyoskytree を付けて投稿していただいたユーザー様のお写真を、ご紹介させていただきます☺️ぜひ皆さまの素敵なお写真をお待ちしております✨ ・・・・・・・・・・ <弊社SNSに掲載した一般ユーザー様の投稿について> 投稿に使用される著作物、肖像については、投稿者ご本人が著作権を有するもの、又は権利者から事前に使用承諾を得たものであるものとします。また、投稿者ご本人から事前に承諾を得て掲載しておりますが、万一これら投稿の投稿者あるいは写真等に関して問題が生じた場合は、弊社は責任を負いかねますことをご了承ください。

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I personally recommend to visit there in the evenings as you see see the lightning and also the night view from the top. I still remember in 2016 when I visited there for the first time, I could see the beautiful view of Tokyo with the lights of buildings at night!!!! There is a professional cameraman as well if you would like to get perfect pictures with the awesome view.

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