Arriving to China’s insane megacity: ChongQing

Travel to modern city: Chongqing

Do you still consider which city to travel to during the holiday? Chongqing, China is a good place to start your fantastic tour!

The Fantasy Night View:

Chongqing is one of china’s multiplicities with beautiful cultural and historical traits. The city is unique due to its geographical features with lots of forests and mountains, and so, people call it “mountain city“. At night, the lights from tens of thousands of households take over the whole city makes a unique picturesque skyline.

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Historical Attractions:

Despite the night view, Chongqing is also famous for its marvelous architecture:Hongya Cave. This site once was a military fortress and then became the first and most advanced pier in ancient China. Nowadays, it has been turned into a 75-meter tall building on the margin of the Jialing River packed with many restaurants, cafes, temples and craft stalls. When the sun sets, the building illuminates the surroundings, making them look dream-like.

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Also, you must be heard about Chongqing hotpot, the most beloved food of the city. The hotpot is famous for its red soup boiled from beef tallow, and the“nine patches” style pot. Its flavor is strong and spicy, just like the city itself. In Chongqing, you can see the hotpot restaurant everywhere, It reflects Chongqing people’s passions for hotpot also their lifestyle. As simple in Chongqing, hotpot can let people have a sense of integrity and embrace the diversified culture.

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