Meet the world’s largest sand island: Fraser Island!

Enjoy the fun of crossing through the jungle and beach in one day!

Fraser Island is a heritage-listed island located along the southeastern coast in the Wide Bay–Burnett region, Queensland, Australia.

Fraser Island is not only the largest sand island in the world – 123 kilometres (76 miles) long and 22 kilometres (14 miles) wide. There also have half the world’s perched lakes and rainforests over 100-year histories.

 check the 4k views of Fraser Island, beautiful as heaven!

Wild animals are all over the island. You can find nature wild dogs “dingos” and hundreds of amazing insects on the land, and see beautiful whales, sharks and fish in the sea.

(check the travel diary by famous traveller @Paul Steele

Never miss driving the length of the famous 75 Mile Beach, the view surprises every people.

Enjoy a nature trip on Fraser Island!


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