Pizza 4P’s: The place that would change your taste buds for pizza!

The place that I would recommend all of you to visit if you have a chance to visit my home country – Vietnam is Pizza 4p’s. While it may sound strange that you guys would come all the way to Vietnam to have Pizza… But trust me, Pizza 4P’s would deliver the most unique, yet exquisitely excellent pizza experience. It’s nothing like your basic pepperonis pizza with tomato sauce spaghetti.

Pizza 4P’s delivers the combination between Italian cuisine and Japanese cuisine in the smoothest way! How talented they are to incorporate cheese into Japanese original tastes yet able to make them taste so so good. Since I love the food here so much, I don’t always remember to take photos of the food, they would be all gone by the time I remember that I should have posted something on my Instagram story… Anyways, the order that I would recommend to you all is their tropical fruit salad with a house-made (yes, they make their own cheese) traditional Burrata on top, a 5 cheese Pizza (sounds basic but tastes amazing) and Japanese style carbonara! And not to mention they have the most amazing dessert, check this ice-cream out, they are made with 3 different types of cheese (including blue cheese, amazing right?).

3-cheese ice-cream (image: Author)