Singapore: A must go for food enthusiast

Image: Chinatown, Singapore
Image: Chinatown, Singapore by Khalzuri CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s been awhile since my last trip out of Australia, but the last time I hopped on a plane I landed in Singapore with a group of friends during one of our summer breaks. It was a semi last minute plan to travel, but a good one, nevertheless. And it was a good one because of the great food Singapore has to offer with its hundreds of hawker centres (some are even Michelin Star rated!) where you can grab a delicious meal for under $10.

But of course, besides the food, there are also other amazing places to visit like the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands, or the Gardens by the Bay, just to name a few.

So if Singapore isn’t already on your travel bucket list, then I’d definitely recommend you add it!

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