La Perouse- Bare Island in Sydney

Best place to go to spent your weekend with your family and lover

If you are busy thinking where to spent your weekend in Sydney, here’s the best suggestion for u- a picnic at the bare island!

The La Perouse peninsula is the northern headland of Botany Bay. A large area of La Perouse is open space, where one can find the old military outpost at Bare Island and the northern section of Botany Bay National Park. Congwong Bay Beach, Little Congwong Beach, and the beach at Frenchmans Bay provide protected swimming areas in Botany Bay. La Perouse is one of few Sydney suburbs with a French name, others being Sans Souci, Engadine and Vaucluse. Kurnell is located opposite, on the southern headland of Botany Bay. These features and the picturesque beaches attract large numbers of visitors to the suburb.

La Perouse is the best location to watch sunset!

sunset at La Perouse- By Danny Stone

You can travel there from the Central station , which is 15km away from La Perouse, where you take the Line 391 bus, by tram, by taxi, or drive yourself there.

If you are interested in catching fishes, make sure to apply for a fishing license at , The license is very cheap and you will be able to catch fishes legally once you gained the license.

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