Yungang Grottoes:Incredible Buddhist Wonder

The Yungang Grottoes is one of the four most famous ancient Buddhist sculptural sites of China. It located in Shanxi province and have 53 major caves, along with 51,000 niches housing the same number of Buddha statues.

A panoramic virtual tour of Yungang Grottoes

Yungang Grottoes’ main construction time is during the 5th and 6th centuries, which is Jin Dynasty. It vividly records the historical development of Indian and Central Asian Buddhist art to Chinese Buddhist art. And it also reflects the gradual secularization and nationalization of Buddhist statues in China.

The most famous, biggest outside Buddha statue —— Cave 20. By Erica Zhou
Cave interior (partial) 1 By Erica Zhou

Cave interior (partial) 2 By Erica Zhou
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