Why You Should Visit the Sydney Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens from Sydney.com, All Rights Reserved.

Whether you are a Sydney local or a passing-through tourist, the royal botanic gardens are a must-visit destination within Sydney’s CBD. The sprawling 72-acres are home to countless different species of trees, flowers, and other plants, and are devoutly maintained throughout the year. The gardens are separated into numerous different areas and themes, including flower gardens, rainforest walk-throughs, and fern greenhouses. The following video is a short 10-minute overview of the gardens, showcasing a wide range of areas within the gardens.

“Royal Botanical Garden Sydney” by Eagle Vision, All Rights Reserved. 

On top of the beautiful plants themselves, the gardens also boast a stunning view of Sydney’s iconic harbour. These gorgeous views are easily accessible and provide unparalleled access, with the gardens even having a direct path to the Opera House. This stunning view can be seen below. If you are able to visit, I would highly recommend doing so, as it is a wonderfully unique experience in the heart of the city!

Royal Botanic Gardens from Sydney.com, All Rights Reserved.

Below is a customised map of the gardens.

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