An Australian holiday destination–the perfect place for culture and history.

The impact of culture and scenery.

There are many great places near Melbourne, Australia where people can enjoy a pleasant holiday. I have been to some great resorts and share with you here.

The Australian War Memorial is definitely a historical location not to be missed. It is a blue-grey building with a dark green dome. It was built to commemorate the 100,000 Australian soldiers who died for the country in nine wars that Australia participated in since 1788.

The Australian War Memorial conveys an inclusive hope for peace in solemnity. This Australian national altar is exquisite in design, originality and fine decoration. Looking down from the air, the memorial is in the shape of a cross; on the flat ground, it looks like a tomb from a distance, and its entrance is like a tomb passage. It was built to commemorate the soldiers who died in Australia after World War II. There are memorial halls, exhibition rooms, and screening halls in the museum. At the same time, it is also an education and research centre for war history and military history. The Australian War Memorial is recognized as the best of its kind in the world.

In Canberra, the Australian Parliament Building is also a very famous place to visit. The building was opened in 1988 on the 200th anniversary of the founding of Australia and was designed by the American designer Giul Gula. The parliament building is generally a building used for members of the government cabinet or parliament to discuss important matters or temporarily rest. The Parliament House of Australia is located on the top of Canberra’s capital hill, separated by Lake Burleigh Griffin and the Old Parliament House. It is very majestic. It is a perfect and spectacular unity of architectural arts, arts and crafts and decorative arts. It reflects Australia’s history, diverse and diverse cultures, national development and ambitions for the future. Looking at this building, it stands majestic and embodies the image and spirit of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Capitol is known for its magnificent architectural structure and is characterized by the extensive use of masonry and high-quality wood and its collection of fine arts including one of the largest tapestries. The core of the entire building is a stainless steel flagpole that stands on the top of the hall, which is 81 meters high and plunges into the sky. The Capitol provides free guided tours every 30 minutes, allowing visitors to learn more about its mystery.

When it comes to skiing, Australia has a perfect location. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but it is also very suitable for all kinds of skiing challenges. That is in Kosciuszko National Park.


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The map below can better help you travel around Melbourne.

Australia is rich in land and resources, and has many famous historical sites. The scenic resort is also worthy of the name.

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