What Google Search Brings to the World

Summary: Google Search has transformed the way people do things. It is all about fast and accessibility which allowed individuals to gain access to information on a instant basis. This form of technology is therefore revolutionary.


Google has become part of the everyday life of many. The google search technology allows the individuals to search for any informations online in seconds. Many of the google search features allows the individual to get what they want in mere seconds in a exacts and precise way. The basic structure and algorithm of Google search are already quite mature on technology, it collecting information according to a certain strategy and using specific of computer program. Then, it organizes and processes the information, involves artificial intelligence technology, pays more attention to personalization, specialization and intelligent use of automatic clustering and classification etc. Providing users with retrieval services, and displays relevant information retrieved by users to users. It is all about using user’s retrieve needs and a certain algorithm, using a specific strategy to retrieve information from the Internet to feedback to the user a retrieval technology.



According to the statistics, Google Search has taken up most of the Search Engine in the world today. (https://gs.statcounter.com/search-engine-market-share)

With the appearance of Google Search, there is a strong change of the method to gain information. This also changed the cost structure of the information management and access. Compared with the traditional expert consultation or library look up, the Google-style search has more broader knowledge, simpler retrieval tool and cheaper retrieval cost. More and more netizens regard search engine as a main tool to gain information. This extremely intelligent and convenient internet application has a sharp speed up diffusion of internet. The second significant contribution of Google Search is make the internet content expended by geometric quantity, people facing the information perspective are have a rapid extension. Before the Google Search, if a website want to discover by a large of number users, the only main route is enter Yahoo-style directory. In general, carrying capacity is extremely limited of this kind of website directory. But, when Google appeared out, every websites expect for island website, it all have opportunity to face magnanimity users. Because get through Google intermedium make the user and information of internet have a large flow. This lead to information use more sufficient, more information source, and more and more people focus on content creation without worry about how to spread it.

The Beneficiaries

The Usage of Google as compared to the rest of the Search Engines  (https://www.wsj.com/articles/googles-antitrust-woes-seen-helping-microsofts-bing-11603378502)

  1. Government: the government will be able to retrieve and manage information easier. Government can also receive high amount of tax.
  2. Organisations and Company: companies able to use Google Search to bring their advertisement forward. This means that the company will be able to increase the visibility of their company through Google Search. With the vast usage of google search, many will search for what they want online through Google. If the company is able to put their advertisement at the front of the Search then they are able to gain visibility and increase revenue income.
  3. Individuals: Individuals are benefited from Google Search for it allowed the ease of access of information. Individuals can now gain access to different kinds of information in mere seconds. It is therefore making the accessibility and availability of information to be much easier and simpler. One can now make access to the accurate information on a fast and accurate way.
  4. Google Itself: Google is one of the most profitable companies in the world, it has strong revenue growth and that in the year of 2019, it has received the revenue of $162 billion which was 18% higher as compared to the previous year.  (https://abc.xyz/investor/static/pdf/2019Q4_alphabet_earnings_release.pdf?cache=79552b8) this function of google search therefore allows the increase in the revenue stream of the the company and is one of the key advantage of the business.

    The Censorship

    However, Google(including Google Search) was entirely blocked by China at the end of May 2014 due to the intensified cyber confrontation between China and the United State and other related political issues between two countries. Therefore, internet users in mainland unable to access Google Search anymore thought the regular compliance route. This lead to Google Search cannot achieve benefit from mainland China, also dispense with to government pay corresponding taxes. This also means that the netizens in China are missing out on the benefits that Google brings.

    Many countries still does not have Internet Coverage  https://www.firstmonday.org/article/view/1135/1055

At meanwhile, in some countries and states without internet, people unable to visit Google Search to gain the latest boarder information and knowledge. To some extent, it strengthen the inequity of knowledge acquisition and it possible widen between developed and underdeveloped states in knowledge and information acquisition.

How has it Changed the way I work

As an international student studying in Australia. I belong to the group which have gained benefits from the advantages of Google Search yet I am also part of the group in which I am locked by censorship.

With Google Search in place, I am able to do research on my assignments on a much faster basis. This allowed me to find information that I want quickly and also helping me with my studies. Whenever I do not understand something or I want to find something, I can always do a Google Search. Instead of going to libraries, I now can search for resources from Google and read on scholar journals anywhere I go. This saves me plenty of time and made the process to be so much simpler.  But the problems comes in when I am back in China. This time during Covid-19, the international lockdown also means that I have to study remotely from China and not be able to return to Australia. When I am back in China, I am not able to use Google Search anymore. This made my life much harder for I am unable to search for information fast and reliably. I have also come to realise that I am overly dependent on this Google Search Engine. This means that anytime when I am not able to access due to censorship and does not have internet will makes me unable to search for information fast.


Another issue that I have come to realise is actually the fact that it is related to stereotypes and racism. While Google search comes with autocomplete and image search functions. This means that many of the searches reinforces the stereotypes of the society. When I keyed in “women” into the Google search engine, the results are mainly white beautiful women. Black women, Asian women, disabled women and other minorities are failed to be represented. This means that this will make the stereotype of the individual to be heightened. This is also another problem that it presents.


Google Search have made the life of many to be much easier. This allowed for the easy access of information and changed the way how information is being transformed. However, google search is strong limited to the internet coverage itself and that we are unable to access google search without internet itself. Also in China where there is censorship. One cannot access google search as well. It has changed the way people work and study and is part of the trend in the change in history for internet.

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