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The invention of the internet changes human’s daily life, with the development of the internet, more internet innovation was made and bring a significant change in political economic and social terms. One of the internet innovations is social news sharing, with the development of social media platforms, the strong social media platforms own and control the main business in this area, they can benefit from social news sharing by getting advertising expense, but it brings the exploitation of users, which damaged user’s benefit. In the social term’s effects, news sharing can benefits politician since the user’s opinion can be influenced by news and sharing habit. But the news sharing can damage the Online civic culture, because there was a mass of “fake news” spread by news sharing. To sum up, social news sharing can bring huge effects on political-economic, and social terms, it benefits the social media platform and politician. But damage the online civic culture, and utilize media user as free labor.


Messaging apps emerge as growing force in news sharing

The genesis of social news sharing was constituted by the development of the media platform.  Social media platforms are developed to stimulate users to share news on the internet.  Take the fastest-growing company Upworthy as an example: “Upworthy finished October with 8.7 million monthly uniques, up from 6 million the month prior. In August, it hit four million uniques, up from 2.5 million in July.”(Alyson,2012)  Upworthy mainly offered an interesting news story to attract users. The data shows the strong influence of a powerful social media platform, it can attract a huge number of users to sharing news on the internet. Which demonstrate the news sharing is attractive for users, they can get more benefits from news sharing. It also led to the reason for how social news sharing became part of the communications media in historical trends. Since social news sharing was popular in the world, it became the main way for people to get news, then the traditional media will be damaged by losing customer’s interest. From professor Assoc’s reading, he analysis that the users (especially the young group) think they can receive all the information they were interested in from social media platform, they do not need to follow the mass media as before. (Assoc,2019) This point of view shows the platform for a social news sharing gradually replace the mass media’s status in the user’s mind, social news sharing was inevitable to become part of communication media.

Frequency of Internet and Social Media Use demonstrate social media platform was fit into people’s life

In the internet environment, social news sharing on the platform was popular around the world, it brings about transformative effects in both political-economic, and social terms.  Social media platforms benefited from the effects of social news sharing.   Since some powerful social media companies already control and own the main business in news sharing field now, from the article: “There is now unprecedented global concentration of media publishing power in those behemoth digital corporations Alphabet/Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, whose wealth is centred on platform operations.”(Bell , 2016 as cited in Fiona & Tim, 2019, p100)It demonstrates the big companies like Facebook’s have high statues in news sharing on the platform, they can replace the traditional media by strong competitiveness. To understand the “wealth” of the platform operations, from the news report: “Facebook generated around $21.5 billion in revenue in Q3 2020, up 22% year-on-year.”(Paige,Tyler,2020) The data shows much profit that an outstanding media platform can earn,  media platform can benefits from the social news sharing effects, since the more user doing news sharing, the more advertiser will choose Facebook. In contrast, the users of social media platforms were not having any substantial income, but users were doing the main contribution to social media platforms, which was unfair treatment.  Like what Sofia said in the book “Marxist political economists see this arrangement as exploitative—they argue that social media users are doing unpaid work for the platforms, cognitive digital labor which produces the information that feeds corporate analytics and advertising process.” (Fuchs and Fisher 2015; Fuchs and Sevignani 2013; Terranova 2000 as cited in Fiona & Tim, 2019,p96)It shows that the user was the free labor force for the social media platform, they did not benefit from the news sharing’s effects, they were exploited by the social media platform.

Sharing Information on Social Media – Behind the News

The video shows how politician can use news sharing to influence user’s political idea


Moreover, social news sharing’s transformative effects can benefits politicians since the user’s behavior can be conjectural and influence by the news sharing. From Assoc said in the article, users do not always make rational choice on internet when they read and sharing news, user like to previous habits to choose media what they familiar with.(Assoc,2019) This point of view shows user was easy to be influence by familiar media, and politician can utilize social media to control and change user’s political view. Which means politician can use news sharing to get more vote from users, that was the great benefit the politician can have. On the other hand, social news sharing will damage the online civic culture by the spread of “Fake news”. The article introduces a different kind of distribution of “Fake News”, the first type was the action deliberately designed to spread false news. (Chadwick, A., & Vaccari, C,2019) It will abet conflict and ignorance, some users believe in those fake news, then prompt language violence on media platforms when they accidentally sharing fake news. It was hard for media platforms to manage every user’s behavior, that was the reason why the “Fake news” can always exist in social media platforms and cause negative effects on online civic culture.

 The percentage of media user saw inaccurate news shows the “Fake News” was a serious problem on social media platform.


The internet innovation of social news sharing can affect people’s point of view on news, it helps people communicate different thoughts on the internet, but also can lead to the problem of cyber-violence. As noted in the previous paragraph, the misinformation spread on the internet and foment ignorance, hate speech of online media platform, take the example of “The 10 most-viewed fake-news stories on Facebook in 2019 were just revealed in a new report”. From those popular “Fake news” we can know that most of the news was about the political area, which means media users were most interested in political news and pay attention to it. That inaccurate news will attract many users to share and discuss online, the exaggerated news will be caused quarrel online between users who have a different point of view on politics. It can bring a negative social media platform environment, some users believe in “Fake news” and react to it, Moreover, my personal experience also proves the problem that Fake news sharing brought to users. I have joined a heated discussion when I sharing news about the equality of men and women. Some users use language violence when they discuss it with me. This was the problem that news sharing brings to me, the media platform cannot control every user’s behavior, during the process of news sharing and comments, you may get cyberbullying. The good influence was social news sharing support users to see a wide world, we can receive the news all around the world and communicate with different country users. It can avoid people were trained to think only in one way.

 The 10 most-viewed fake-news stories on Facebook in 2019 were just revealed in a new report

In conclusion, the development of the Internet leads to the innovation of social news sharing. Social news sharing brought transformative effects to political economic and social terms. The media platform can benefit from social news sharing by utilizing the user’s free labor to receive more commercial cooperation and get profit from an advertisement. The users cannot get benefits since they were working for no income. But, on the other hand, politician can benefit from speculate user’s idea and influence user’s political idea through news sharing. The online civic culture will be damaged by the Fake news sharing, which means they cannot get benefits from the transformative effects. Social news sharing can bring both positive and negative changes for ordinary internet users. The positive change was people have enough freedom to sharing news online and can receive the news around the world very fast on the internet. But since the platform’s management and control model was not perfect, users can easily feel cyber-bullying during the process of news sharing.



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The 10 most-viewed fake-news stories on Facebook in 2019 were just revealed in a new report

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Messaging apps emerge as growing force in news sharing