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In the last three years, there have been several games that have been released by different organizations. These games are accessible on various platforms ranging from console to mobile devices. However, one of the most popular titles is the Player Underground Battle Grounds, which is also known as PUBG. This is a game that is developed by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary company KRAFTON. There have been numerous companies that have been in place for many years in the world of gaming; however, none has been successful in gaining a large following and success as PUBG Corporation has managed in just a few years. The corporation has made one of the most engaging battle royale games globally, with the mobile version having one of the highest recorded numbers of players in a day. In the recent past, the company has found itself in political problems in various parts of the world after being blamed for social problems about how people become addicted to its mobile platform.

As mentioned, numerous game corporations and companies are striving to come up with battle royale titles that can bring together different players from different parts of the world together. In the past, video games were played offline with multiplayer titles requiring the players to be in the same room using the same machine. However, the invention of the internet brought numerous possibilities, with game developers seeking ways to come up with multi-player games and bring them together regardless of their locations around the world. One of such companies was KRAFTON. KRAFTON is a known and respected game holding organization with various subsidiaries that deal with different kinds of games. PUBG Corporation is one of these corporations. It managed to be companies that managed to develop a mobile and PC game that is realistic and engaging that can be accessed and played on the internet with multiple players. The game allows for over 80 players to join a single match and compete against each other, whereby they have to kill each other for the final top position.

It is imperative to note that PUBG Corporation is a name that the developer took up in 2017 after the release of the first Player Underground Battle Royale game. The company was originally Bluehole Ginno Games, which was formed in 2009. However, upon creating the game PUBG, the name had to be changed to match what it was created, which was an indication that will be the developer’s focus. When the game was first released, people were surprised at the detail in which it captured real-life war scenarios. The game is based on a story where players are dropped on an island somewhere in the Soviet Union and have to battle each other to remain the last man’s standing and winner. The competitiveness of the game made it popular, with players around the world being brought together to compete against each other. PUBG is argued to have revolutionized both mobile and console gaming or any battle royale game that is played on the internet. The CEO and board of the organization had a vision that they did everything in their power to achieve, and they have been successful.

They needed the game to be the best battle royale game globally, and this involved having in place great graphics ranging from the game’s official poster to the gameplay itself.


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Looking at this picture, one can depict the message and idea that PUBG corporation was selling when they first released the game. This was a game centered around different people being placed on the island, collecting loot, and fighting their way to freedom. The winner has to ensure that he fights against enemies and what is referred to as the “blue zone.” The “blue zone” is a forcefield that causes the map to reduce in size after a given period. The player must ensure that they do not find themselves in this forcefield as it reduces their energy levels and possible deaths. For a company to develop such an idea, it needs to have a business model that details all the key aspects of the business and how they plan on being successful.

Most people believe that all a game company does is coming up with a title, developing it, and later releasing it to the masses. However, this is not true. Gaming companies have financial goals and key departments in the organization, as the case is with numerous companies worldwide. The company has a simple yet clever business model that allows it to earn numerous revenues from the players and those who choose to do business. The business model has placed it above other game titles based on the profit that has been earned. The business model has five main components that set it apart from the other game titles that exist. While developing the game, Brendan Greene and the team at Tencent had only one goal in mind, and this was to create a platform that would bring people together. Bringing people together is the first and number one key detail in the corporation’s business plan. No game title had created a platform whereby individuals could be brought together while being in different areas worldwide.

The second key aspect of the business model was to develop a realistic game based on the graphics they came up with for the gameplay. Regardless of the platform that one is using, they can control their characters or avatars as they act in real life. One can go around the map gathering supplies, drive cars, motorbikes, boats, and use their weapons to fight against their enemies (Sumit). The maps in the games also have all the normal representation that players see in their everyday lives. There are apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, trees, shrubs, mountains, rivers, oceans, among many other things. The game provides the players with the capability to do things that they can not do in real life, thus being given one of the best online experiences for gaming (Sumit). There was a lot of game that existed, but none offered the experience that PUBG Corporation was offering them with the games that it was made accessible to them on various platforms.

The next critical feature of the business model that the company uses or utilizes is offering great long engagement between the users and the game company. PUBG Corporation wanted to ensure that they created a game that allowed them to engage with the game and their teammates. One of the best decisions that the corporation made was coining the term “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,”which is what the winner gets whenever they have won a match.





Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Logo

Millions of people worldwide are familiar with this phrase and come up with ways to win a match to get that message. Using its online platforms on Twitter and Facebook, the corporation has successfully communicated with the users and gave them platforms to share their chicken dinner screenshots and gameplay videos (SUMIT). Every player who plays the game has only one goal and objective, which survive against all odds and win the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

There have been other battle royale games, but none is considered the best in terms of creativity than PUBG. The game was developed and synthesized to incorporate changes and updates that the normal battle royale games lacked. Rather than having the same gameplay and conditions, Brendan Greene ensured that there were updates after every season whereby new concepts and weapons are added (SUMIT). This is crucial towards ensuring that the players are not bored with the game thus can continue to enjoy the game after a long time of playing. Updating the game to improve is one of the most crucial aspects of PUBG Corporation’s business plan. Having in place new game additions allows them to keep players hooked. There have been numerous times that the corporation has partnered with music superstars who have created music and virtual concerts whereby users have been successful in attending them and enjoying some of their favorite songs.

The game has been the most popular battle royale game in the past three years and has managed to win numerous accolades with the Guinness World Book of records. In a day, the game is reported to have 50 million players globally in the mobile platform only, which is a very high number by today’s standards. The company earns money from in-app purchases, advertising and sponsorship, and selling the game’s console variant.

Graph Depicting PUBG Earnings in 2018 and 2019

From this graph, one can depict that the game successfully made over $1 billion in just two years, which is very impressive (Shapple, n.a.). This is an indication that the game is giving its users what they want. However, in the past few months, the game has faced stiff competition from other battle royale titles such as Call of Duty Mobile. COD mobile is also developed by Tencent and is based on the COD storyline that has existed for many years in console gaming (Shapple, n.a.). PUBG Corporation has found itself in hacker gamers’ problems who have led to many users ditching the game for COD and other games. Furthermore, Tencent is responsible for vending the game as well as PUBG. PUBG Corporation has been accused of stealing concepts from COD, which Tencent is also in charge of, which has caused bad publicity to the game.

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The effect that PUBG Corporation has had on the world both socially and politically is tremendous. The game relies on one to have a smartphone, console, and internet connection. The mobile version is more popular as it is free to download, but users have to pay to access certain services. Based on how engaging the game is, it has led to millions of youths around the world becoming addicted. Some in India and Pakistan have committed suicide after losing matches or being bullied online. The government of India has banned the game several times and disallows its citizens from playing it to ensure that they are protected (BBC). The game is an online service, and platforms are accessible to all countries around the world. India is the only country that has sought extreme measures such as stopping its citizens from accessing the game completely.

Another country that has sought to control the game in China, whereby Tencent and PUBG Corporation created a game specifically for players in People Democratic of China. One can depict that the game’s effect on how people understand and relate to the internet has been tremendous. The game has allowed thousands of players worldwide to create means of earning a living by streaming the game on the various platforms that exist, such as Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. The game’s success has elicited various reactions, with certain groups asking for it to be banned, citing that it leads to teenagers being introduced to violence at a younger age (Cunningham, 1248). Many groups call upon their governments to regulate the game as China and India have managed to do.  One thing that cannot be disputed is that the game has changed how we understand online battle royale games and how we play them. The game continues to be among the best as more and more people download.


Regardless of the problems that the game is experiencing in India, it has still managed to maintain a steady number of players on the day to day basis. The game needs to find a way through which it can set aside the differences it has with the Indian government and provide a safe and healthy platform for the millions who love the game. PUBG Corporation is a company that will not be forgotten as it revolutionized online game in a way never witnessed before.


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