Twitter: The New Way to Go in Social Media Networking

The critical analysis of Twitter and the transformative effects it has on social networking.


Twitter has emerged as one of the leaders in the innovative market regarding harnessing aspects of internet platform interconnectivity to facilitate the sharing of short messages across the globe instantly.  With the focus on the web  technologies’ roles, a critical analysis shall be drawn on Twitter and the transformative effects it has on social networking and social media context.

The first section of the paper shall be providing an overview of the kind of operations that Twitter does handle, while the second section shall be examining the historical background of the company’s development and the debacles of regulations. Twitter business model and its internet ecology shall also be examined in the third section and fourth. The last discussion regarding Twitter revolutionary internet transformers shall also be explored.

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What is Twitter

Twitter, as it is famously known, is an online service of microblogging used for short messages distribution among several recipients groups via a personal computer or even smartphones. It incorporates certain aspects of social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace using instant messaging technologies to create the users’ networks who do communicate the whole day without limitation using brief messages, also referred to as “t (“The History of Twitter You Didn’t Know”, 2020, p1). A user does type a tweet using their phone or computer and then sends it to the servers of Twitter, which shall then relay the message to a list of users that are known as followers who already will have signed up to receive the tweets from a sender via text messages to their phones or by instant messages to the computer that they shall be using. In addition to this, the user can also select a specific topic that they can track, thus creating sorts of dialogue and pushes the number of followers in a designated Twitter feed into millions. Note that the tweet can be on any subject, does range from simple jokes to dinner plans to serious news but does not exceed characters above 140 (The Business Guideline of New Entrepreneur toward Business Model Canvas, 2018).

The video  below will help you get a better understanding of Twitter.


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The Historical Beginnings of Twitter

Ruby on Rails was used to create Twitter; note that it was a web-application framework specialized for Ruby’s computer programming language.  The interface did allow an open kind of integration and adaptation with several online services.  In 2006, the service was designed by Biz Stone, and Evans Williams, who was working at Google at the time of invention before leaving to go to launch their Odeo podcasting ventures. Previously, William had created a web authoring tool Blogger that was popular and began experimenting with one of Odeo’s side projects named Twitter, the short message service (SMS). After seeing the product’s future, he bought out Odeo and then started the Obvious Corp to develop it a notch higher.  Jack Dorsey , an engineer, did the management team, and they did complete the Twitter version they did debut by the Southwest Music at the south during the conference held in March 2007 at Austin, Texas. In the month that followed, the corporate entity that is Twitter Inc. was then created; special thanks were given to the venture capital infusion. From the period it was created, Twitter was basically a free SMS that had social networking elements; thus did lack the clear stream of revenue that one can find on other sites that did derive income from advertising using banners or the membership fee (Pereira and Levinton, 2020, p.2987).  In 2009 the number of unique visitors did increase to about 1300 percent. This did prove that Twitter was considered to be more than just another curiosity niche. It did see Facebook as a juggernaut in social networking within a year, turning profits for the only first time. However, it was not clear if Twitter could also achieve the desired financial independence from the capital investors’ ventures.  By April 2010, Twitter had unveiled the Tweets that were promoted an advertisement avenue that could appear in results of searches as it intended it to be its revenue source primarily.  Henceforth, there have been several upgrading that did transform Twitter from aspects of novelty to news sources (Percastre-Mendizábal, 2018, p.17).


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Behind the Twitter revolutionary business model

Social media has come a long way in changing how the world of business odes operates, and in this regard, Twitter is no exception. In terms of social media sites, Twitter, among other sites, is seen as the most famous globally that continues to grow at a speed that has been accelerated. Certain corporations have not gone unnoticed that have come up to form a partnership with the site to promote their products, services, and brands. According to Mikhalkina and Cabantou (2015, p.61), a business model does refer to that structure and source in the operations of a firm that does enable it to capture value.

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The business model of Twitter does involve the following at the top of the list is the Twitter key Partners, who are its users who do access the website daily. The same users still use this platform when promoting their businesses, services, and products through the articles’ news, advertisement, and TV shows. They also have business partners deemed significant with its established corporation and its startups, thus giving that platform a credible platform within the business’s hemisphere (Kreutzer, 2014, p.8).

Another aspect is Twitter’s key activities, such the web development, and its maintenance, as the direct activities that are seen to come out strongly and effectively. The App Development activity makes it convenient for people using Twitter to access the services through their devices. User data maintenance does protect the privacy of individuals who do have legitimate accounts, thus have valuable activities. The management of the “#” remains critical in its uniqueness and is distinct from other social media sites, more so the viral component aspect. Twitter’s key resources are its platform, which utilizes the service to expand its customer base to transcend various nationalities and continents. The network does allow for communication and connectivity between individuals who are different.  The kind of technological advancement made in digital social media has given it its competitive edge over other revolutionary sites such as Facebook.  The kind of value proposition that Twitter has does include following back on an individual around the globe, thus giving that guarantee of communication and connectivity at their disposal. It allows individuals from different backgrounds and ethnicities from different parts of the globe to interact and share everything, including lifestyle, culture, and news.  Its proposition real value is the reach of the audience at fast speeds of lightning. Another aspect of its revolutionary business model is its customers (Culpepper, 1999, p.123).  The platform of Twitter, about its customers, does stand independently. They are considered the main revenue generators and resource as they utilize the platform to showcase their talents, opinions, and views. The customer relationship, channel, cost structure, and revenue stream have great brough about diversity in changing its digital landscape.

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Facebook’s Internet Ecology

 Twitter does situate itself as one of the market figureheads within the social networking industry. In 2009 Twitter did move up to hold the third-highest ranking regarding social networking sites, With its application ranging from news to advertisement and SMS.  The company does emerge as a major competitor in regards to social sharing (Carol Culpepper, 2006, p.9).

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Twitter, as an entity, has formed several pacts with its partners. For instance, Twitter has institutional venture partners such as the Union square ventures, Insight venture partners, and Spark capital. It has been backed up by Digital Garage, Bezos Expeditions, Spark Capital, and Union Square Ventures. As an institution on the rise, it has several competitors regarding providing a platform for social networking. Its competitors include Verizon media, Pinterest, Wechat, Google, YouTube, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Snap Chat, Kakao, and TikTok. However, the key competitors do include Facebook Inc. and Alphebetic Inc. In terms of supplies of goods and services, Twitter has divided its own revenue into two categories: the advertising service sale that does constitute the company’s revenues and that data that does links the other services it offers. In addition to that, Twitter is regulated by its policies and regulations. Looking at the global Twitter population, about 80% of it is said to the population deemed to be under 50, while about 44% of adults aged between 18-24 in the United States do use Twitter. With the current trend, there are a lot of teenagers using it (Business Survival Growth Model (BSGM) Canvas VS Business Model Canvas (BMC), 2020, p.56).

Below is a diagram of Twitter’s internet ecology:

Twitter Transformative innovations

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Talking of transformations, since its inception, it has been noted that it has played a major role in influencing transformation in the world we were living in(ARVAS, 2019). For one, the nature in which one does receive news.  It has given its users an immediate avenue of accessing news immediately; it breaks from anywhere within the globe. It has also increased human interactions as one can talk to other individuals and create virtual friendships with anyone within the globe. This kind of interaction with  hashtags can be very effective in generating donations and interest in cases of charitable causes. It has improved corporations and government’s personalization in terms of allowing them to post their profiles on media, thus making them seem approachable. This aspect allows the officials within the stated fields to post thoughts address issues and post ideas to concerned individuals at ease consumers can easily communicate with their customers, even the corporate employees. Besides, it has leveled the playing field for many businesses as any business can access their platform and create their account as it also does value the privacy of data. The entity does allow for smooth business transactions in terms of business interactions, promotion of business, and many more. It can also influence political aspects in the world of politics, from organizing rallies, protest, and spreading of information concerning a given government leader or candidates.  It can influence cultural or social changes through their interactions platforms (ARVAS, 2019).

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For one, Twitter has transformed the nature of the way life is seen in the world. For one is has brought about, we individuals do consume news. Individuals are turning away from the traditional news outlet. With the mobile connection, mores individuals through Twitter can know exactly what news breaking is happening. Although it’s a tool that is deemed invaluable for the journalist who does cover breaking news, there also comes with graphic content being released to the public hence putting many into trouble. It has changed how individuals perceive news and run their business, too, with the use of virals using the hashtag theme. It does amplify the trends to the point that it becomes the latest news of flow in the region. The business market their services and goods, thus act as a transformational tool making individuals connect from different corners of the globe. It has also brought about the rise of the activist movement referred to as hashtag activism. This is mostly referred to as the campaigns that use hashtags on social media, for the internet-savvy, one can acquire success for a decade. 



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