In this photo illustration a computer screen and mobile phone display the Netflix logo on March 31, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia.
Assignment 3

The relation between network ecology and value of Netflix

1. Introduction Every company requires creating value for themselves depending on the shared relationships with other businesses. The interrelationship shared between businesses entities form an economic system which is defined as business ecology. Different businesses, […]

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AirBnB: Digital Transformation in Hotel

                 Picture Showing Airbnb App image: In today’s life, AirBnB, as an online travel agency, has developed as one of the most important market leaders in hospitality. […]


Airtasker: Redefining Work

This paper will explore the role Airtasker has played in transforming the way we look for work, or complete our day to day tasks. Within an economic, political, social and cultural framework, these transformations will […]