The former US president has condemned Facebook’s decision to ban him from the platform.

Facebook made this critical decision because Trump’s violent remarks on the platform caused risks. Although Facebook’s social platform said it would re-evaluate the decision to ban Trump from the platform within six months, the committee pointed out that the indefinite suspension made by Facebook was unreasonable because the platform violated Trump’s freedom of speech and tried to evade the responsibility of continuous risks with vague punishment standards.


  • Mr. Trump’s reaction

 In response to this decision, Trump also issued a statement saying that the corruption of the platform is a disgrace to the country and will affect the election process. The board noted that banning Trump’s decision violated Facebook’s ban on praising or supporting people who engage in violence.


  • The final progress of the matter

In the end, the company forwarded the proposal to board members, including scholars, lawyers, and other celebrities, for evaluation to finally decide whether to restore Trump’s account.