Has Trump been banned for life by Facebook?

Is it true? "Former U.S. President Donald Trump was banned for life from Facebook in May 2021"?

In May 2021, the Facebook Oversight Board announced that it had decided on the social network ban of former President Donald Trump. As the news spread, many people with misrepresentations of the board’s decision, “former U.S. President Donald Trump was banned from Facebook for life. ” rushed to social media or television.



On May 5, 2021, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld Facebook’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump from using his social network account after the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.


did not say thiswas a permanent ban. Instead, the group told Facebook that they had six months to decide whether the ban should take effect permanently.



On January 6, 2021, a mob stormed the Capitol in an attempt to delay the confirmation of President Joe Biden’s election victory, due in part to the numerous false allegations of alleged election fraud peddled by Trump. In the days following the attack, several social media networks announced their decision to ban Trump from speaking on their platforms to discourage him from posting messages that could encourage further violence.

Facebook made a similar announcement.

However, Facebook said they were banning Trump’s account “indefinitely” because they believed he would continue to use his account to “undermine the peaceful and legitimate transition o

f power to his elected successor. A few weeks later, Facebook announced the creation of an independent oversight board that will review cases where Trump has been blocked.


In other words, while Trump is still banned from using his Facebook account, the situation could change within six months, or become permanent.