If the Metaverse is to follow Web 2.0, how should it be governed?

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DAI RuTong,

Vesper Cen,

Lora Teng,

Xiliang Liu


Example 1:

Web 2.0 与 Web 3.0 – 您需要了解的主要区别

Web 2.0 is community oriented, and to a large extent social interaction and connectivity are the most important characteristics that define Web 2.0. But for now, most people are actually using the second generation of the Internet, called Web 2.0, because it features greater social interaction, searchability, and consumption of user-generated content than the original Web catalog. And Web 2.0 gained popularity in the mid-2000s with the rise of sophisticated CSS, JavaScript, and HTML file applications and the growth of social media.


Example 2.

一个年轻人戴着虚拟现实耳机; 元节

Establish a rule

The use of Web2.0 should require: fixing existing infrastructure problems, in large part better management of online identities, and implementing common codes of conduct, trust and security policies for virtual worlds.



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