If the Metaverse is to follow Web 2.0, how should it be governed?

Group members:

Sandy Song

River Yang

Zhiruo Zhang

Zoe Hu


Example 1

Oculus as a practice of Metaverse in web 2.0, has been questioned as raising anti-trust issues. “linking virtual reality products to the group’s social network in this way could constitute an abuse of a dominant position by Facebook.”Under the current web 2.0 rules, oculus and facebook will be subject to investigation and litigation by competition regulators.




Example 2

The need for a specific law
Regulating the metaverse poses a considerable challenge to both governments and legislators. We need specialized laws to regulate the metaverse. This will better protect customer privacy and rights.




Example 3

The Metaverse will define the next technological era, characterised by more intuitive ways of interacting with technology, for example through virtual reality. However, the advancement of Metaverse technology is largely driven by Big Tech, which has also created a horizontally integrated ecosystem. Ecosystem. The industry must increase its efforts to standardise the creation and distribution of the Metaverse for content. The authors suggest that links in Web 2.0 can be used to integrate different applications and services and create a seamless Metaverse experience for business users.



Title: How real is the me

Author: Mike Mul

Source: https://parserdigital.com/how-real-is-the-metaverse












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