Influences and regulation of cyberbullying

real world example


An 18-year-old high school girl’s nude photos were sent to her boyfriend who sent private photos to hundreds of fellow high school students after a breakup. Cyberbullying led to the girl’s suicide. The girl’s parents said no group had done enough to stop the bullying after the photos were posted.

government regulation– Law


platform regulation

Such incidents of similar egregious dissemination on the internet have been numerous in recent years and spread so quickly as the internet becomes more developed. Many platforms have also introduced policies to block the publication of photos and sensitive terms as a way to reduce the malicious dissemination of photos.

For example, the secret platform employs “advance screening” or “sentiment analysis,” which was which was “automatic.” This means that users are automatically alerted when someone wants to post bad words or sensitive terms and are screened for seerity so that if the post is serious, it is held and not allowed to be published.



Group members: Zhuoshan Li, Qiyue Wang, Yibo Ma