Metaverse is to follow Web 2.0

Yutong Shen, Qingwen Hou, Xiaozhe Su, Yingqi Wang. Sep 15th, 2022


Users of Web 2.0 participate in the creation, dissemination, and sharing of every cultural phenomenon or cultural event. While understanding this cultural phenomenon, everyone also gives this phenomenon a new meaning, so that many cultural phenomena generated in Web 2.0 are unstable and have no status of the package. Like the current hot NFT, everyone generates links with other users in the process of creation. In the current privacy issue that people care about most, the unique advantages of blockchain can help users retain control. When it enters the web2.0 era, more and more companies begin to take advantage of more and more investment opportunities to achieve economic growth, similar to the recent social network giant META. Google’s use of social networks to enable Adsence to display funds is a product of web2.0, using its unique business model to attract target customers and target groups. The following three examples are blockchain, META, and Google. This proves that Metaverse is to follow Web 2.0.

Example 1

GPU manufacturer, the newly rebranded social networking giant META, represents a diversified investment opportunity that could reach $800 billion in market value by 2024 by the prediction of Bloomingburg Intelligence. The predicted growth relies on the Web 2.0 incumbents to capitalize on the metaverse economics. Still, in its infancy, this economy is growing exponentially and is poised to dwarf the growth opportunity to be captured by the Web 2.0 players on the META ETF shortlist.

Example 2

Google has successfully made AdSense the preferred monetization strategy for Web 2.0 assets of all sizes and styles. Numerous Web applications are provided to the public for free. Web 2.0 start-ups first claim to own a part of the social network and expect Google to “show them money” through AdSense. Although the Internet “bubble” in the 1990s was famous for the free flow of VC funds to fund the fragile “napkin back” business model, people finally realized the need to specify a business model. The classic advertising-maintained media business model forces network assets to define target audiences, develop and publish content,or enable services to attract users from the target population and aggregate target users.

Example 3

One of the biggest concerns of users is whether their privacy will be compromised by the platform. Blockchain is unique in that it guarantees the authenticity, security, and transparency of data and creates trust without the need for a trusted third party. For example, the case of Bitcoin. Blockchain is used in a decentralized way, no longer does any one person or group have control, but all users retain control together. And Blockchain is immutable, which means that the data entered is not modified. In the case of Bitcoin, this means that transactions are permanently recorded and can be viewed by anyone.




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