Silicon Valley is known for both unicorns and blackswans. What political, social and economic ideas shape the culture of Silicon Valley today?

Group members: Jamie Zhang, Alex Renwood, Irene Huang, Iris Liu

Silicon Valley has a tight alignment of its overall corporate strategy with its innovation strategy.

example 1:

Due to the development of the economy and the Internet, more and more people buy goods on the Internet or platforms. With the increase in purchase demand, commodity distribution has become an important link between merchants and customers. Nuro develops and operates a fleet of autonomous vehicles that operate 24/7 to safely deliver goods to their destinations efficiently. It can save customers energy, time, and resources.

example 2:

The idea of sharing and collaboratively producing content had risen with the development of technologies. Uber, Airbnb and Wikipedia are some of the the example where audience can make use of their spare resources and  property to make income.