Who should be responsible for stoping the spread of this content and how?

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Example 1:
Amanda Todd, who had been approached online by a male stranger when she was in 7thGrade. He’d convinced her to flash her breasts while on a webcam. That one instance led to a succession of cyberbullying and the threat of exposure. He contacted her on Facebook to get her to take part in a live sex show on camera. If she didn’t, he’d share the photo of her breasts with her friends.  This is a typical case of sexual harassment. Faced with this situation, Amanda should have sought help in the first place and exposed his behaviour to avoid secondary harm. The platform should have banned this male stranger’s social account at the first opportunity after receiving feedback.
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Example 2:

Misogyny is an unsurprising thing in real life. Due to the specific nature of digital platforms, such as the possibility of speaking anonymously, the possibility of negative speech is increasing. Harmful attitudes and beliefs are applied when people encounter females. Because people can hide on the internet, and it is easier to manipulate women online. Online misogyny can start in various ways, for example, treating women like objects, stereotyping women, harassment and so on. More serious actions could be Doxxing, Threatening or inciting rape and murder, etc.

The consequences of cyber misogyny can thus be very serious. For women, they may feel scared, nervous and anxious. There are symptoms of insomnia. Lower their self-esteem and confidence and have difficulty trusting others. Depression and even suicide. Under the male gaze, women can easily lose their autonomy and thus fall into self-doubt

The platform can provide a more efficient solution to conflicts once they have occurred. The government could pass a bill with more comprehensive guarantees. Encouragement and positive guidance for victims are also essential.


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