Diversity Across the Internet

Lucy Thompson, Sarah Carstens, yanchun Liu, Zhen Yang

In large tech companies, there is a large issue with the diversity of the workforce. Specifically in gender, race, and positions of power.

Example 1:

In all of the large tech companies combined, women only make up 1 third of the workforce. There is a significant lack of women in the tech field and as you progress up the ranks the percentage of women decreases.

Example 2:

There is a huge racial divide in tech companies.

At Facebook, only 2.1% of tech jobs are held by black employees

At Microsoft black individuals only makeup 4.7% of the workforce

62% of black workers ad 42% of Hispanic workers reported they had experienced discrimination at work.

Example 3:

A third example of diversity issues is a privilege in the workplace specifically male privilege. Tech companies are experiencing growing pressure to diversify their workforce which is predominately white, Asian, and male.

Amazon is one company that is committed to hiring women and minorities. Internet companies have a real issue with diversity and it needs to change. Many other companies need to follow in Amazon’s footsteps to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.