Governments and platforms should cooperate to intervene in the regulation of bullying, harassment, violent content, hate, pornography and other content spread on digital platforms.

By Ruixin Gao, Jesscia Zhang, Yanglijing Chen

Violence on Digital Platforms

With the development of mobile device technology, cyber violence has become a new form of violence. This information has grown wildly with the development of the Internet and caused serious harm to real life.

For example, a study of adults published in the Journal of Social Psychology identified statistically significant increases in pro-cyberbullying attitudes as well as in cyberbullying offending behavior.[14] However, another study involving over 6,500 Canadian youth in grades 4-12 did not find higher rates of cyberbullying involvement. The authors speculated that this might be a result of closer monitoring and involvement of online activities by parents while their children were at home.[15]

Cooperative supervision

In a situation where freedom of speech on the Internet is unregulated and triggers more violence, cooperative regulation by governments and platforms has become even more important. The cooperative supervision of the government and the platform can not only ensure the freedom of speech under the condition of harmonious coexistence in the network environment, but also ensure that the operation of the Internet community is more transparent and open and maintain healthy market competition.

For example, in order to strengthen the further supervision of the Internet by the government and platforms, the business leaders of many technology companies were invited to participate in a conference in Beijing. In a three-day meeting hosted by the Internet Information Office, Internet companies pledged to implement the government’s directive on online surveillance and combat pornography, fraud and the spread of rumours and false information online.

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