The Grown up of Silicon Valley

Bangalore 'Silicon Valley'

Bangalore ‘Silicon Valley’ by  Isaac Mao is licensed by CC by 2.0

Santa Clara Valley, known to the world as Silicon Valley, is synonymous with the unprecedented speed of technological innovation that gave birth to the modern computer age and made the United States the wealthiest nation in human history.

In 1909, Stanford University President David Starr Jordan gave Lee de Forrest $500 to develop his triode tube, one of the most crucial venture investments in history, which amplifies electrical signals in a vacuum glass tube.

Known as the father of electronics, DeForrest used his vacuum tube to start the electronics revolution of the early 1900s, powering everything from radios to innovative new business machines, such as adding machines and electronic timers.

Furthermore, electrical engineer and administrator Frederick E. Terman is considered by most to be the founding father of Silicon Valley. He created the Research Park in 1951 and attracted several high-tech companies so that entrepreneurship was the culture of Silicon Valley long before the advent of the personal computer, setting the stage for its take-off.

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