Time To Stop!

Jiachen Liu. Peiwen Luo. Shang Liu. Wenda Li


The Internet platform automatically controls harmful speech by gagging or deleting posts that is detrimental to the stability of the online environment through automatic algorithmic functions.

Instagram banned Andrew Tate for making hateful and misogynistic comments.



Social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, are being urged to limit hate speech and glorification of violence on their platforms after supporters of President Donald J. Trump attacked the Capitol on January 6. 8 January 2021: Twitter permanently banned Mr. Trump from using its services “because of the risk of further inciting risk of further incitement to violence,” effectively cutting him off from his favorite megaphone.




National legislation holds Internet companies accountable for reviewing and removing content that they deem illegal.

The Victorian Bar Association has released an anti-sexual harassment policy effective 2018. The policy is designed to create a work and business environment free of sexual harassment, to treat good faith sexual harassment complaints confidentially, promptly, fairly and free from retaliation, and to provide training and awareness of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.