View the culture of today’s Silicon Valley in terms of political, social and economic ideas shape

By Sylvia Yang, Renqingzhuoma, Jamie Yang

Political ideas shape: 

Silicon Valley represents a whole new category of politics which representing competition and capitalism. At the same time the ideology is similar to a liberalism within the Democratic Party and believes in the importance of the government’s role in empowering each citizen to make a contribution. At the same time the civil society created in Silicon Valley is one that is entirely oriented towards innovation. In Silicon Valley there is no competition or conflict between libertarians, only mutual benefit and cooperation to come up with solutions (Ferenstein, 2015).

Social idea shape:

Tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are among the most left-leaning Democrats you can find. They are quite liberal. They support economic measures that redistribute money overwhelmingly, including higher taxes on the wealthy and numerous social benefits for the underprivileged, including universal health care. Their worldview is international and cosmopolitan; they favor free trade and more welcoming immigration policies, and they lack of ‘race resentment‘ (Ferenstein, 2015).

Economic ideas shape:

Silicon Valley culture is a people-oriented culture, emphasizing the central role and fundamental position of people in economic social activities, emphasizing that people’s value can be realized by themselves, and emphasizing the opportunities and conditions for everyone to develop comprehensively and freely (Chen, 2019).


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