What political, social and economic ideas shape the culture of Silicon Valley today?

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Santa Clara Valley, known to the world as Silicon Valley, is synonymous with the unprecedented speed of technological innovation that gave birth to the modern computer age and made the United States the wealthiest nation in human history. There are political, social and economic ideas shaped the culture of Silicon Valley today.


The results suggest that Internet startup founders represent an entirely distinct, libertarian-like ideology within the Democratic party. 

Tech startup founders see the government as an investor in citizens, rather than as a protector from capitalism.

Founders share all the stereotypical fervor for the free market as libertarians, but they also believe the government has a duty to actively help citizens solve global problems.

Whereas American politics has traditionally assumed that free market fandom was in an exclusive relationship with libertarian individualism, tech founders are actually quite collectivist. They believe the government should embrace the unforgiving meritocracy of capitalism by operating like a high-tech company (which is how union-less Silicon Valley-funded charter schools often operate). 

They also believe the government should intervene in personal decisions, encouraging citizens to be more educated, healthier, and civic.


incubation of venture capital, sufficient capital initially

 Silicon valley companies dare to make risk investment, they are not afraid of failure, While the possibility of success is low, once it does it is sensational. (blackswans)


Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial atmosphere is defined by innovation, teamwork, and risk-taking. It offers the necessary motivating foundation for IT entrepreneurs.

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