Who is responsible for the content of social media?

   By Ziyi Tang and Vincci He


Weibo has increased its efforts to control the spread of Gay and violent messages. Weibo is China’s Facebook and twitter. For a centralized state, social and ideological stability is very important, so Weibo is an important tool for the dissemination of public opinion, so it is not only a social media, but in China, it uniquely functions as a state management tool.





The government needs to get on board with social media regulation, as social media platforms are fundamentally about business and commerce, and only state intervention in governance can shape a good social media environment for internet users and people. For example, the Australian Human Rights Commission website warns employers that social media may be illegal if it posts discrimination, harassment, bullying or racial slurs against others. This is not only good for a healthy online environment, but also the professional working environment offline.



The Red

The platform should be responsible for stopping the distribution of this content. For example, Xiaohongshu will manually check for violations of this code, or use its algorithm system to check data within a certain period and then crawl for abnormal data. For users who violate the code, Xiaohongshu will deduct the user’s cheating data, and limit the scope of display, or even ban the display, and in more serious cases, the publisher will be held legally responsible. For the offending user’s account, the platform will restrict the account’s functions, for example, the cheating account cannot be applied as a creator, or the publisher’s account will be banned.


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