IKEA Place app- AR experience- DAI RuTong、Jasmine Ying、Baichen Li

IKEA Place is an app that can be used to test the effect of furniture placement in the home with the help of people’s cameras. For example, whether the sofa people want to buy is suitable for the order of the home, and what colour or size of the sofa they need to buy can be tested through this app.



Can let people not need to go out to be able to see the actual object in the home, can see the furniture or the scene, for example, can see the different colours of the sofa in the home, which colour is more suitable.

It may cause some danger to people’s privacy. For example, IKEA Place, a virtual furniture experience using AR technology, allows customers to determine whether the furniture fits their home situation before purchasing. But similar technology can upload a picture of a user’s home and take it a second time without asking permission.